Basement Electrical Finishes & ESA Permit

December 3, 2019

By Kamyar Oveisy

When do you truly notice the beauty of a newly finished basement? Its obvious, when the lights come on!!

Of course, that is if your basement was finished professionally with quality materials. Aside from the aesthetics of lighting, safety plays an even larger role in regards to any form of electrical work completed in your basement.

A major portion of any basement finishing project is the electrical work. At Desire Basements, our professional basement finishing consultants are certified and trained to calculate and to provide you with a detailed report of the total number of electrical points your basement will require.

During our initial in-home basement finishing consultation, your assigned basement finishing consultant will review your wish list and new potential ideas on how to finish your basement to create your ideal and desired environment. During this process, we will calculate the total number of electrical points your basement will need. The list of electrical points will be provided to you with our detailed and itemized quote. The electrical points are consisted of LED pot lights, LED wall/ceiling light fixtures, switches, outlets, smoke detectors, 200 AMP electrical panel upgrade, and any other requirements that you may have or need.

Of course, as professional basement finishing specialists, all installations are completed by our certified and licensed master electrician. We are always more than happy to provide our clients with any certification or licenses they may wish to see. With every basement that we finish, two inspections are completed by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to ensure that the work was done according to the Ontario Building Code (OBC). Once all inspections are completed, an electrical permit (ESA Certification) will be provided.

Back aesthetics, the main reason we put in those beautiful LED pot lights and other features to brighten up the space. At Desire Basements, we only use and carry new construction pot lights which offer you three different choices of lighting finishes all in the same pot light. How cool is that? Let’s say that one day you get bored from the Sunlight colour of your pot lights and choose to change to Skylight, this can be done in 5 minutes. Just pop up the pot light and switch the colour. Exclusive to Desire Basements clients.

One great feature to always keep in mind for future projects is pot lights for the staircase. This feature is not costly and can make a huge difference in your upcoming renovation.

We always recommend to our clients to always review the type of pot lights and other lighting they are provided with their renovations to ensure that they are not given halogen lightbulbs. Basement finishing companies nowadays will try to scam you to save a few pennies anywhere they can.

Let’s just say that Halogen bulbs are a thing of the past. Not only will it turn your basement into an oven, it will also burn away all your cash with a hefty electrical bill by the end of the month. This goes with your switches, vanity lights, and outlets. Always review the points prior to your commitment to the company you will hire to avoid any costly surprises down the road. A lot of professional companies will try to keep their initial quote price low by providing lower electrical points than you actually require and surprise you once you are fully committed to them. At Desire Basements, we stand by the professional quote given to you during our initial consultation. We guarantee that the original quoted electrical points, and if a few additional points are required by the ESA, then we will include them at no additional cost!

As always, have a safe and beautiful renovation, whether it may be your basement renovation or any other form of renovation. Hire a professional licensed company to avoid any headaches and surprises down the road.

Give us a call today at (647)-620-6601 or visit us on and let us show you why our basement renovations package is simply unbeatable and why hundreds of homeowners have chosen to have their basements finished by us.


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