Basement Flooring

December 20, 2019

By Kamyar Oveisy

We have always stressed on the importance of receiving quality materials when hiring a professional basement renovation company. The very first impression comes from your basement flooring: the colour, the size, the pattern, and the richness of the quality. Naturally as it covers the entire basement floor, it can be considered a top 3 game changer when finishing your basement.

For these reasons, we have spent countless hours researching for the best and most qualified flooring options available for basements. Generally, most companies nowadays offer laminate or vinyl as standard basement flooring options. Both are great choices if at the right level of quality. Both options are mainly used for basement renovations due to the availability, affordability, and durability. Another option used in basement renovations is engineered hardwood which is not as popular due to the increase in cost of material.

At Desire Basements, we include both AC5 12mm premium Canadian laminate and premium Canadian vinyl. We include both options as standard as clients have different tastes or opinions. However, most clients in the basement renovation industry choose laminate. This is due to the fact that it is the most natural and beautiful looking option while providing durability. Vinyl on the other hand offers high level of water resistance which can benefit clients living in flood prone areas, especially since basements are moist sub-levels. With every basement we finish, we include a thermal underlayment to protect your flooring by avoiding direct contact with your concrete floors and to keep your basement flooring warm as the thermal underpaid absorbs warmth. There are alternative options for underlayment or subfloors, we will discuss this in another future blog.

When deciding on a basement renovation company, don’t just settle on the fact that they provide laminate or vinyl. Investigate the quality of vinyl or laminate they offer, the size, richness of quality, and all other features. Poor quality flooring can easily get damaged, dented, scratched, or it will simply look very basic which will take away from the beauty of a newly finished basement. At Desire Basements, we offer 8” wide premium planks standard with every basement we finish simply due to the fact that it creates a more beautiful basement.

Basement renovation is a once in a life time renovation for most of our clients, for this reason, we make sure to provide flooring which offers a 25 year warranty! We use commercial grade AC5 laminate which offers dent and scratch resistance, moisture resistance, and water protection for up to 72 hours. Our flooring is certified for health and safety reasons in Canada and follows green manufacturing processes.

As always, have a safe and beautiful basement renovation. Hire a professional licensed company to avoid any headaches and surprises down the road.

Give us a call today at (647)-620-6601 or visit us on and let us show you why our basement renovations package is simply unbeatable and why hundreds of homeowners have chosen to have their basements finished by us.


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