Basement Mold & How To Prevent It

September 30, 2019

By Kamyar Oveisy

What is Basement Mold and how to prevent it?

Generally, most blogs you read on basement mold starts off with what mold is and how it grows. Our blog will be slightly different, ours will be based on our past and most recent experiences with mold in basements we have finished. Desire Basements is a basement finishing company located in Richmond Hill, ON. We do all types of basement renovation related work such as basement remodeling, basement finishing, basement demolition, basement second units, basement separate entrances, egress windows, bars, kitchens, theatre rooms, and you name it! But before we add all these lovely features to your upcoming project, we perform a thorough inspection of your foundation walls and joists for any cracks and mold. In most cases, we find a few cracks here and there on the foundation walls which need to be repaired. Based on our extensive experience in the basement finishing industry, we can confidently confirm that one in every twenty basement renovation projects we find signs of active black mold. Now who would want to hear this? Particularly when our clients have just finished picking their materials while preparing for their new luxury basement. As much as we hate to break the news to you, you still have to hear it. This is a major health and structural problem which needs to be dealt with immediately prior to commencement of any basement renovation project.

In a recent basement finishing project which consisted of demolition of existing drywall and flooring, we discovered signs of mold throughout the basement once the walls came down. The sad part is that this house was not even that old. So how did the mold invade this space? If there is oxygen and moisture present, then mold can grow. This basement in particular was surprisingly very damp and humid with no signs of water leakage. I guess this does not come as a surprise to most home owners. This is a problem which can easily be avoided. If you notice signs of humidity in your basement or if you live in an area where humidity is an issue then we recommend you to purchase a de-humidifier. Have it running in your basement to prevent development of humidity in your basement which can lead to problems such as mold development. We always recommend for you to do extensive research on the company you hire for your basement renovation project to make sure that they perform inspections for cracks and mold as this can save you lots of time and money down the road if done right.

Desire Basements has the required experience and certifications to deal with any mold problems that may be present in your basement. We perform several tests to check on the stage of mold growth and the quality of air to better. This will allow us to perform the most appropriate method of mold removal and air purification. Basement finishing is definitely the best way to add finished space to your home and for this reason you need to make sure that it is done right.

Even if you are not considering a basement renovation, we always recommend for you to check for signs of leakage within your foundation from both the interior and exterior of the house. Look for signs of moisture and water. It is always a great idea to have a specialist come in from time to time to check the quality of the air in the basement for radon gases, asbestos, or mold.

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