Basement Renovations

October 21, 2019

By Kamyar Oveisy

Looking to renovate your basement?

Aren’t you tired of leaving that dark and dusty place you call your “basement” unfinished? Or are you one of those that has a basement which was finished back in the 17th century?

In present day, “basements” are no longer that dark dungeon which you peak at from the upper floor, and no, there are no ghosts down there. Present time basement renovations completed by basement finishing professionals such as Desire Basements has shed new light onto this long held stereotype.

Nowadays, countless families are utilizing our basement renovations services to create various types of spaces in their basements. We have clients all across the Greater Toronto Area asking for basement renovations services. One of the most popular ideas is to renovate your basement for additional recreational or entertainment space. Basements nowadays are so bright and fancy that it honestly puts your main floor to shame. At least that’s how our clients feel and they don’t mind it one bit!

Now how did basements suddenly upgrade from dungeons to elegance? The idea of basements is nothing new, in fact is it ancient. Basements, dungeons, cellars and all the other names you can think of are foundations to the very history of this space. Basements as we know it today originated based on the idea of root cellars which was meant for food storage before any form of refrigeration was invented. As you know, heat rises and that is why basements are always the chilliest places in your home making this space ideal for refrigeration of food and goods.

It was not until the 1950s where basement renovations breakthrough towards a new and modern vision. Although in the 50s basements were still quite basic with concrete floors and brick walls with some drywall and poor lighting. But as with everything in the modern era, design and refinement is in our genetics as humans. It did not take long for us to come up with countless methods and ideas on how to renovate basements into luxuries spaces.

Basement renovations completed by us at Desire Basements is the product of this evolution. We have done our homework and based on our extensive experience in the basement renovations industry we have created a system that is truly superior. Our 4-step process is fail-proof; beginning with a consultation and preliminary design appointment at the comfort of your home, followed by a detailed quote and contract, planning and material selection, and lastly construction.  Each and every step has been refined by our professionals whom are homeowners just like our clients. We understand what it takes to deliver a successful project with 100% satisfaction for our clients.

Give us a call today at (647)-620-6601 or visit us on and let us show you why our basement renovations package is simply unbeatable and why hundreds of our clients have chosen to have their basements finished by us.

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