How to Design Your Basement Like A Pro in 2020 – Part 1

March 12, 2020

By Kamyar Oveisy

How to Design Your Basement Like A Pro in 2020 – Part 1

By Desire Basements


Desire Basements is a leader in the basement finishing industry within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With our extensive professional experience and knowledge accumulated over the past 10 years, we have gathered and prepared top pointers on how an average homeowner can design their basement like a pro simply by following the key instructions discussed within this blog. It is fair to say that basement renovations have come a long way and with it the evolution of interior design. We have gone from cellars to storage spaces, storage spaces to man caves, man caves to rental suites and luxury entertainment spaces all over a few decades. Of course, interior design has played a major role in this evolution and there are very good reasons as to why. Originally basements were created for the purpose of a shelter in case of a war, eventually turning into a space more appropriate for storage and other basic needs. The fact that basement finishing evolved from a cellar/storage space into a finished space with materials such as wood flooring, drywall, paint, and lighting hinted and sparked the very introduction of interior design in spaces never meant for such ideals. Most folks around the world or even in North America have never even heard of a sub-level floor called a basement. We truly must thank and appreciate interior design for the beautiful and luxury spaces we now dream of in the modern world.

So which key factors have caused this great evolution within the basement renovation industry? We strongly believe that these key pointers, if followed, will allow you to design your basement like a pro in today’s world.


Quality, Durability, and Materials

As always, we strongly believe that the quality of materials used for a basement renovation project must be modern and premium, simply because quality materials add up to half the cost of your project. You can not have a modern and beautiful basement by using materials that have been in use since the cellar days. We’re not saying that you should use quartz for your walls and use diamond for your flooring, but what we are saying is that premium materials are being by companies such as Desire Basements and others within the GTA for a more competitive or cheaper rate than 90% of the industry. These materials are part of an all-inclusive basement renovation package, handpicked by our professional designers to match modern interior design ideologies and practices. In fact, at Desire Basements, we are so confident in our pricing and the quality of our materials that we showcase our catalog to all of our potential clients before they commit to us. This way you know what you are paying for and you are not surprised with dilemmas such as “I thought that was included” which happens quite frequently with other large basement finishing companies. For example, most basement finishing companies offer vinyl or laminate flooring which has been around for several decades now, but what is the quality of the laminate and vinyl? What is the width of the plank? How thick is it and what is the AC rating? A simple term like the AC rating determines the durability level of your flooring. The higher the AC rating, the more durable. Another example is fixtures and tiles, are these fixtures with designs that are outdated by a few decades? Are these the fixtures that rust after a year of use? What size are the tiles? Where was it made? Did you know that tiles that are not Turkish or Italian in most cases tend to crack within a year’s time? We always recommend our clients to review ‘every’ item and material that is being offered in their basement finishing package before any commitment. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for!


Software and Equipment

I think we have all at a point in our lives drew a very interesting floor plan on a piece of paper based on the measurements we took with the family and considered it a masterpiece. Well, that used to work fine but we are long past those doodles. Nowadays, designers use state of the art programs and measuring tools to create a floor plan and renderings of your space. These new tools are the key factors to a successful and modern design. It is always best to visually see what you will build than to envision it. The primary reason as to why we at Desire Basements create a floor plan and a 3D model of your vision during our initial consultation. This will allow you to analyze your vision and make instant modifications to ideas you may or may not like. An important point to keep in mind is that floor plans are vital and necessary for project management and the construction process. The plan is to build based on professional planning and exact measurements so your dream basement is built just as you had always envisioned it to be. Walls that are not straight, features that were not properly measured and designed, the bathroom that turned out to be way too small, and many other things that can go wrong just because a floor plan and design was not part of your building process. We highly recommend all homeowners to only hire basement finishing companies that have a professional interior design team as a basement renovation project for most homeowners is the second largest investment in their lifetime. If you do decide to hire your own designer, choose a designer with experience within the basement finishing market. Make sure to check out previous work completed by the company prior to any commitment.


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