5 Things You Must Know Before You Renovate Your Basement

August 1, 2018

By Kamyar Oveisy

Finishing the basement basement, aka “the man cave” or “the family sanctuary”, has been a long awaited project for any family. In fact there are numerous companies in today’s market which offer professional basement finishing services across the Greater Toronto Area. As a homeowner it is always best to make sure that your basement is in the right condition prior to or during any renovation projects. The Desire team has come up with 5 Thing You Must Know Before You Renovate Your Basement!

#1 – Mold Inspection

Basements which are already finished looking to be renovated or unfinished basements must be thoroughly inspected for mold to insure the longevity and health of your family and investment.

#2 – Electrical & ESA Permit

48% of the electrical accidents happen at home and commonly due to the faulty electrical work. Make sure to use a Licensed Electrical Professional for any electrical work in your basement.

#3 – Air Circulation

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms require their own ventilation. This will help to eliminate odors, improve moisture and humidity that can lead to structural damage or mildew and mold growth.

#4 – Insulation & Savings

A properly insulated basement is more comfortable to live in and can save up to $750 annually. It is a minimal investment for maximum comfort and savings.

#5 – Foundation Cracks

Most basements in Canada will experience some type of water damage during their lifespan and the most common source of water damage is through foundation cracks. Before starting any basement renovation, all foundation cracks should be repaired to protect your home and to protect your investment.


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