To simply put it, we do basements. The Desire team is not just a group of basement contractors, we are project managers and designers, we are homeowners who understand that real value must be proven. We help you realize that “too good to be true” is the reality with us. Through our unique and proven process we show our commitment to our clients not just as contractors but as fellow homeowners. The Desire process is clear and simple yet detailed and refined.
3 key advantages of creating a
Second Unit
Rental Income
What if we told you there’s an amazing source of extra income right under your roof? While there are pros and cons of becoming a landlord, that unfinished basement full of discarded items could easily provide extra monthly income. The Desire team is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of second units. We plan and execute the steps required as per the Ontario Building Code requirements to produce a safe and legal rental space while maintaining high quality finishes and customized designs.
Family & Friends
In addition to rental income, property owners are discovering adding a basement suite can provide a home for an ageing parent who needs a little assistance. An independent living facility can cost tens of thousands of dollars annually to house a senior adult, but your basement suite can help keep costs under control while keeping the family together.
Boost release value of your home
Lots of potential home buyers would jump at the chance to own an income-producing property that’s move-in ready. The investment you make in building a basement or secondary suite could pay off in huge dividends when it’s time to sell. The extra square footage and income potential will make your house one of the hottest properties on the market, commanding a competitive price.
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